Basics of becoming a licensed Private Investigator

Have you ever considered becoming a Private Investigator? If you have and, perhaps, still do, there are some things you should definitely know. In order to start a career of a licensed private investigator, you are required to go through specialized private investigator training which normally comes from attending and then getting a degree from one of the licensed private investigator schools.

Attending a licensed private investigator school is mandatory, mainly because a licensed PI needs to become thoroughly acquainted and familiar with an array of laws and rules that govern what exactly a licenses PI can and cannot do while engaging in a private investigation, aside from learning all the basics of the tradecraft, which includes learning how to use techniques and tools necessary to successfully conduct an investigation. If you want to learn how to become a licensed PI, you need to choose an investigator training course that is conducted by actual, licensed private investigators who posses vast experience in the field of private investigation. By doing so, you will greatly benefit, not only from acquiring practical knowledge, but also by getting a chance to discuss actual cases and have an insight into how an experienced private investigator handles himself/herself while conducting an investigation. You can attend numerous private investigator schools throughout the country, however, you will get the best possible training by choosing a school that is in the same jurisdiction in which you intend to get your PI license. This is mainly due to the fact that laws and rules that regulate private investigator profession differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. You have to be aware of the specific laws that will eventually govern your day- to- day PI activities. You should also bear in mind that licensed instructors and their knowledge and experience may vary between various schools that offer private investigator courses, but rest assured that the best private investigator school will teach you the core curricula.


This core curricula include various techniques and skills. One of the basic ones are the Background Investigation Techniques. Their aim is to teach you how to investigate an individual’s past so as to determine their financial and criminal records, income level, education level, employment level and their reputation for good citizenship and honesty. The next technique is Skip Tracing. With this technique you will find it much easier to find the people who have gone missing, either because they are running away due to legal issues or family responsibilities, or perhaps debts, or because their current location needs to be discovered for some legitimate reasons. These individuals could be witnesses of a crime, heirs in a will, or perhaps former lovers who wish to get reunited. Skip tracing is a standard technique among private investigators. Other techniques include Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance techniques. These are very useful when PI’s are required to follow individuals and observe them from concealed locations, while remaining out of sight. This is especially important when dealing with cases that involve insurance or compensation fraud investigations.

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