Curious About Great Senior Care Products?

bed alarms for seniorsBed alarm sensor pads (, pill containers and cutters, canes, and wheelchairs are all great senior care products. Read on to learn a little more about these useful products for protecting elderly loved ones and patients.

Among the most important senior care products are pill containers. While many people of all ages find it necessary to take prescription medication, seniors are particularly reliant on their prescription medications to function on a day to day basis. A pill container is a plastic box constructed with a slot for each day of the week into which medication can be placed until it’s needed. These containers help people remember to take their medication and do so in the right quantities. Some higher-end pill containers have slots for different times of the day, like two rows of slots, one for day and night medications; other seniors who need more medications at specific times can buy four-slot pill containers with slots for morning, noon, evening, and night.

In a similar vein, a pill cutter can be important for seniors who, for one reason or another, need to have half of a pill for their daily medication schedule. These are simple devices where one places a medication tablet inside the device and presses down on it to ideally cut a tablet perfectly in half. The pills can be cut into quarters with enough delicate work and practice, though it’s fairly uncommon for quarter pills to be prescribed. It’s quite common for half pills to be prescribed to people of many ages, though seniors, with their increased need for medicine, will find that these pill cutters can be quite important for taking their medication the way they’re supposed to.

Canes, part of Oedipus’ solution to the legendary riddle of the sphinx, can also be quite important to help seniors walk later in life. Canes are generally inexpensive, sometimes even being for sale at particularly well-stocked pharmacies. Some special purpose canes can be purchased from medical supply outlets, as can designer canes intended to create a striking fashion statement in addition to being useful for helping seniors walk. While regular exercise can help seniors walk better without a cane, for those who have, over the course of their, lives suffered extensive damage to their legs, a cane can be invaluable.

Seniors with severely damaged legs, whether temporarily or indefinitely, may need to acquire a wheelchair or scooter. These can get quite expensive as they’re a highly specialized item among senior care products and they’re not easily available. Indeed, many must be special ordered, particularly for extra features such as a bag to hold one’s possessions to systems that enable the user to guide their wheelchair in a specific direction. A good wheelchair can get expensive quite quickly, though some medical insurance plans do cover them.

One of the best ways to keep seniors safe is by purchasing a bed alarm. These sensor pads let caregivers know when a senior is attempting to get out of bed, allowing the caregiver to go about their other task while making sure they’re alerted as soon as the patient attempts to get up. With falls being a big reason that seniors hurt themselves, any tool that can help prevent falls is a must.

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