How to prevent and control Ebola outbreaks

There are several things feared around the globe. Some of them are personal. Everybody has something that he/she worst fears if it comes to happen. For the case of Ebola, no one likes it. It’s a thing most feared in the world. Since no one wants it to happen, we got to be prepared for what may come our way. For sure, it’s a virus like any other. That means that we are vulnerable of attack any time the virus is o the outbreak. The fact remains that some people have to die in the process. But at least we would have saved the greater percentage. The number one option is to increase the awareness of the Ebola virus. Once the people know what they are dealing with and how to prevent spreading, they will take part in controlling it. Here are some key control tips.

  1. Wild-human transmission

Controlling Ebola can be somewhat easy. That’s because the cause of it is well known. For an outbreak to strike, it has to come from a wild animal and human contact initially. If humans were careful about how they handle animals, maybe we would be safe from the virus. Some animals are commonly associated with the virus. These includes monkeys, gorillas, apes, gazelles and bats. If you are to take their meat, make sure it’s properly cooked. Eating the raw meat is considered unsafe with regard to the Ebola. Handling the animals is only safe when gloves are used. It takes only a drop of an animal fluid on your skin to get you infected.Ebola virus

  1. Human-human transmission

Ebola virus and infographic shows that the largest proportion of victims contract the disease from their fellow humans. Perhaps, here is where the task lies. Can we be able to prevent the spread to others while we treat the infected? That will be enough to curb the disease. The fact however remains that humans have a lifestyle of socializing and coming into contact every now and then. If you don’t take part in acts like shaking hands, you are treated like an exception. During an outbreak, that’s very much acceptable though. It’s for your personal safety. Wearing glove when helping the infected is the best way to go around the hospitals and homes. Wash your hands regularly to just to be safe.

  1. Transmission through sex

We are talking of body fluids being the agents of transmission of Ebola. Sex remains the number one case where fluids are exchanged. All the viruses on your partner will get to you if you have unprotected sex. The public is advised to use condoms during sex to prevent Ebola spreading. Semen for example is known to contain he virus for as long as a year.

  1. Containment measures

People confirmed to be infected should not be left to live with the rest of the population. If some die, there should be prompt burial for their bodies. Remember you can contract the disease from the dead as well. Handle the corpse in a safe way.

With these tips, we can prevent Ebola from spreading. Also, we could prevent the spread of such diseases.

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